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There can be big money in trading, if you are able to control the market in your favour, a million credits every other week would be a simple task. There are quite a few good trading routes right now, which you have to do research to find, but it is worth it. It is a somewhat dangerous job because pirates will seek out the people with the most cargo in your ship, so it is good to have a ship with a good hull

  1. Seek out the good trade routes. Go into the Encyclopaedia Planetary and find where you can go to planet A, buy cheap cargo, then sell it at Planet B.
  2. Don't forget to check the player-owned facilities. These often need goods that are available on the same planet, so you don't even need to go anywhere to make a profit.
  3. Make sure you have a good hull if you have 100+ cargo in your hold. Most pirates will seek out triple digits or more while looking for people to destroy.
  4. Cargo space is more important than engine size in this job. How many ticks you will have to sell is less important than how many times you have to go back to the selling planet to get cargo.
  5. Make sure to not only get the high priced cargo, but also some of the lower priced ones, they will some times make a good profit.
  6. Always watch the market, take notice if there is some cargo that a lot of markets will buy and stock up on it. If you find good cargo that is cheap somewhere, make sure to buy that even if you are not preparing to sell it. Just remember, always be prepared for what ever planet you are going to.
  7. To Prepare for these planets, it is good to go into the Encyclopaedia Planetary to find out what this planet buys/sells before you leave a planet. This way you can stock cargo you can sell.