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The life or a pirate is a dangerous one. Only the experienced players should attempt to do this job. Pirates will seek out any unsuspecting vicim on their scanner and destroy them for their cargo, scoop it up, then sell it on the market. Normally, this is a very unprofitable job, and it is hard to accomplish. This job will attract a lot of Police and Bounty Hunter attention, and you will also have people who want revenge for their destroyed ship. To be a pirate is a good way to get a name for yourself on the Most Wanted list if you want to become known, but beware of other people who will not hesitate to open fire on you for the credits.


  1. Make sure you destroy ships within 1 coord of a planet, this way you can go on that planet to scoop and are not in range of attack.
  2. Do not limit yourself. Most people will look at the Top 3 Most Wanted and not want to attack them because they are strong.
  3. Make sure you do not become a big time Pirate if you do not have a good ship, a lot of Bounty Hunters do have those ships and could easily destroy you.
  4. Hold your fire until the end of the hour, that way you will not have used your shots if someone attacks you.
  5. Make sure you have enough money to buy a new ship if you are going to be on the Most Wanted list.