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Mining could be a quick profit if you are short of funds to buy your own mine. You keep an eye on the messages, and when one says that there is mining on a planet, you head to that planet and start mining, then you sell off your spoils on the various planets. A miner is not a very dangerous job, but having a large amount of cargo makes you stand out more to pirates who might attack you to steal your cargo.


  1. Buy a good mining laser, I know this seems obvious, but I have seen numerous times where people will start mining with a 2MW mining laser.
  2. Make sure you sell off your cargo quickly, you do not want to stand out to pirates who want your cargo.
  3. Compare the mining on planets: It is better to Mine for polychromatic silica than for Coal.
  4. Plan ahead: Watch your time, if you can mine polychromatic silica, go to another planet and start mining Metal Alloys and also sell your polychromatic silica, you are doing great. It is times like those that are most profitable.