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Game Rules

These are the current game rules

  1. Accounts with inappropriate login names or ship names will be removed
  2. Accounts posting swearing or abusive posts on the board/forums will be removed
  3. No posts will be allowed onto the boards that do not directly relate to the game
  4. Players sending abusive or threatening private messages or emails to other players will be banned
  5. Multiple accounts per real life person are allowed. However, any attempt to use any account or accounts to transfer credits or cargo to (including via 1 or more third parties), or to help in any other way, another account or accounts belonging to the same person will result in all accounts of that person being removed
  6. Any accounts, whether related to 1 player or more than 1 player, found to be involved in fraudulently collecting bounties will result in all accounts belonging to those persons being removed. A fraudulent collection of a bounty is determined as one where the player being attacked has willfully let themselves be destroyed and/or a bounty is shared, partly or in whole, between the player receiving the bounty and the player that was attacked
  7. Any player found to be causing any disruption to game play of other players, either on this site or elsewhere, will result in all of that players accounts being removed
  8. Mass spamming of other players for any reason will result in your account being banned
  9. Any players found to be using script or 'bots' to automate any part of the game will be removed
  10. Any player found creating accounts for the purpose of stripping those accounts of their assets and transferring those assests to an account belonging to themselves or another player will result in all of accounts related to either player(s) being removed

Rules may be updated without prior warning, but will apply as soon as any new rulings are posted.
Last updated 08:38 18 May 2008