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Bounty Hunter

The life of a bounty hunter is the one most profitable job there is out there. To be a bounty hunter is almost like putting your life in your hands. You must be very experienced to enter this field because there are very experienced people on the Most Wanted list. You can make millions of credits by bounty hunting, but you could also lose everything you worked hard to achieve.


  1. Make sure you have a 20MW Beam Laser and a type 20 Hull. Most of the people on the most wanted list will have these too, it is best to stand a chance.
  2. It is best to have enough money to buy a new ship when you start bounty hunting, just in case the worst happens.
  3. Try to fire at the end of the hour, this way it is a sneak attack to the bounty.
  4. Try to practice on NPC's before you attack a person on the Bounty Hunters list. You may gain a wanted level, but you also will have practise whihch can prove very useful.
  5. As a bounty hunter, you will be staying off of planets a lot, and will be an easy target to pirates if you waste your shots early. Always make sure you take every precaution against this by: Not keeping much cargo at once, Always holding your fire until the end of the hour, and keeping an eye out for people that you can attack, because they can attack you too.
  6. If you are about to fight a target, make sure you are online from the beginning of the fight until the end. This way if the bounty attacks you back, you will know when it happens.