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Facility Owner

There can be big money in running a factory but as it has a hefty price to get started, and if you fail you can lose as much money as you may have earned. However if you succeed, you will become richer than you started out with, and after a while, money can come faster than trading. There are quite a few factories currently around all the solar systems, meaning the competition will be fierce, but there is also quite a lot of things that you can easily sell for a good profit.


  1. If the competition is extremely fierce for a certain item, try to produce an item needed to produce that item.
  2. Don't just buy from other facilities, sometimes you can earn more money if you try to mine the items needed, mine the item you sell, or just get it a cheaper way.
  3. If you have fierce competition, try to buy out their items and sell them at your factory, you can get much more money this way then by advertising your own or offering special items if they buy your items.
  4. If an item is in high demand, but yet has been lowering lately, don't start selling it, in fact, only sell items that are growing in demand, as you will get an increasingly large cash flow.
  5. If you find an empty planet, try to place a factory on it, but if it is too far out, try to entice new players to go far enough to get the items.

As mentioned before, this is a risky business, but if you succeed, you will become richer than you ever thought you could by a job like this.