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Issue 88 : Jul 08 2520

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Mouse Heaven

By: GreatestSchnoz

Most are probably aware of the current restricted planets: Navy HQ, Refuge, and Bikini Model World, with restrictive criteria to get on each. How many are aware there is one for the mice? Only the mice have assembled and squeaked among themselves to finally allow even the human pilots access.

It was at first at the Moon that the mice had their restricted planet. The Intergalactic Mouse Council eventually decreed that since the priceless valuable items that were mined there were depleted, it shall be open for even the human pilots to dock there and do whatever business they see fit there. The mice would find another place they could go for it.

Time passes . . . .

You decide to go to Tera 9. Time to do business with the Facilities. Wow, you made quite a few credits, time to get a mining license and try mining here. You mine for a while. You become bored and take in the scenery. Oh no! Look at all those mice! And even many more mice are flocking to the mine pits.... You notify the authorities and suggest mouse traps. Narrowly, imprisonment to a harsh slave planet with your ship dismantled for spare scrap parts is barely avoided, for it is found that mice are sacred here at Tera 9. Before leaving, time to check the cargo hold. You stand there bewildered: Several containers of Cheese! Er, um, it's probably wise to make peace with the mice. You leave behind all but one container of Cheese for the mice, begging for mercy. They accept the peace offering as the mice enjoy it. You are free to go about your business. Your mind wanders to the space weevils. Could they have a planet we do not yet know about? As common as they are, how close are we to finding out?