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Issue 85 : Jul 24 2512

Latest News!

An apology from our Government!

In our previous edition, we reported the discovery of a new system, Ross 154, and we are aware that many intrepid trailblazers loaded up their ships with marmite sandwiches and set off to the nearest star gate only to find the new system was still locked out from their navigation consoles.

Eager to find out the reason behind this, and pressured by one or two of the more vocal of you space-farers, we contacted the government in order to ascertain the reasons for this delay. At first they refused to comment at all but, never deterred, we persevered until a junior spokesperson issued the following explanation.

“Batteries, it’s all down to the wrong batteries. The gate system is powered by Ambient Anocron batteries or AA for short, and has been for the last two hundred years. Well, since the colonists on Ross 154 have been isolated for almost three hundred years, their gate is powered by Attenuated Ambient Anacron batteries or AAA for short. We had to send one of our best engineers, Gunter Goqik, to Ross 154 and he is now dealing with the problem as speedily as he can. We, the Government, are sorry for this delay but it wasn’t our fault, it was the opposition.”

When our reporter pressed the spokesperson as to why it was the opposition’s fault, he shrugged, climbed aboard a donkey and rode out of the press conference singing a rather catchy ditty about frogs.

As soon as we hear anything further, we’ll let you know.

Latest Announcements

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