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If you find a bug please report it in the bugs forum on the portal


Special thanks (in no particular order) to:
  • Lisa : for putting up with the late nights and lack of conversation while I've been busy developing
  • BigD (and many others) : for technical input from pre-release alpha stages to the present
  • Huckan : for graphics
  • Aeternus, Ifiaster, Khaine, Liono, Super_Bob, tantrist, Trian : advice & forums moderating
  • Aeternus : for the original AoA Express newpaper design and idea
  • a00yuri, deaths_helper, Night Bringer, PlayerX, sunspire, theenigma123, Volt, KingIan, Sc00by, Graphil: for being "AoA Friends" and helping other new players on the forums
  • Super_Bob : for looking after the FAQ's
  • Zeero : for the original portal design and many other things
  • Lord Voldemort : for bringing in hundreds of new players and over doubling our current player base
  • iMaarten : for doing the planet and galaxy pics
  • AT : for doing the new ship pics
  • deaths_helper : for writing a great "Technology Guide"
  • Odin, Bodingtons, PKing, darkspike : for job tips
  • Pentagram : for all the fine item descriptions
  • To the hundreds and hundreds of beta testers we've had throughout the past years, constantly finding all the little bugs we've missed
  • More recently thanks to tiggr for now maintaining the game, new planet pictures, orbits, new features and updating the web interface
  • Thanks also to Graphil for coding some new features and cleaning up the backend scripts
  • Awesome planet descriptions by Yggdrasil

My apologies if we've forgotten anyone, if I have then please let me know and I'll add you to the list :)