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Game Announcements

2010-05-24 - Modified Feature: Mission Bonuses and Penalties

Hi there,

following feedback on the recent changes to missions, we have made a further adjustment to the mission system.

The repercussions for late missions have been changed. They are now as follows :-

For cargo transport missions, each hour that you are late delivering the cargo for a mission, you will be fined 10% of the credits and mission score for that mission for each hour that it is overdue. The fine is removed from the reward values of the missions when you deliver them. Missions more than 10 hours late will therefore now experience a fine of 100% of the mission value, so you will lose out on late missions, whereas historically if it was delivered late it was score/credits neutral.

To balance this, early delivery of a mission cargo will now attract a single 10% bonus upon completion, in both credit reward and mission score, providing it is delivered at least one hour before it was due.

Assassination missions are unaffected by these changes.

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