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Game Announcements

2010-05-05 - New Features: Missions and Scoring

Another area that has been improved is Missions.

There are now three types of assassination missons, with different rewards/risks.

First off are the old style Assassinations. These have slightly lowered rewards compared with before, but they are easier than the other types.

You can now find a few harder assassination missions. These will have either Military or Police ships as the targets. They come with higher rewards than the older missions, but the risks associated with hunting these targets are higher. They are better armed, and will have other similar ships in their vicinity, who may come to their aid.

The other mission changes are associated with slightly increasing the penalties for repeatedly failing missions. Players may now experience reduced mission availability for a number of hours if they for example they fail missions or steal the mission cargo etc. You might also lose access to the better paying missions or to the more exclusive locations (Navy HQ for example), but again this is only temporary. You will receive notification messages in game if this happens.

Also if you operate on the more illegal side of missions you will be familiar with the phrase "Failure to complete the mission will make me very angry". Historically this was an empty threat. It now has consequences, although I won't go into more detail here other than to say they are not just limited to the things I mentioned above ;)

Scoring has also been balanced to correct some aspects of the old scoring model. You will now receive similar score gains regardless of the career you have chosen to follow in game, eg traders will be similar to assassins and so on. A consequence of this is that some player's scores will go up or down significantly, mine included.

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