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Game Announcements

2010-05-04 - New Features: Facilities

Hi there,

a number of updated and/or new features have been released in the last few minutes.

Where to start?.

Facilities: You can now set maximum limits for the item you are producing. It defaults to zero limit which will continue to produce until it runs out of stock, but if you visit a facility you own you can set a maximum limit to the item being made. Having done that your facility will only make units of that item up to the limit you set, regardless of how much extra stock is present.

While on the facility page you will note a number of new things, that give you more information about how your facility is producing, how much stock it needs, how much it will cost to fill up with resources etc.

The other thing is the facility's Status. This is updated each tick, and reports whether the facility is ok, out of resources, funds in the safe, space and so on. This will be available from the next 0:00 update, as it only updates once per hour as the facility makes its item.

On the my facilities page you can filter your facilities by these new status messages, so at a glance you can identify the problem facilities. The low space filter will also display facilities which have reached their production limit.

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