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2009-10-21 - My AoA

I suspect you have favourite pages within the game that you frequently visit. Don't want to be rummaging through the menus and setting the various filter options?. My AoA is just for you.

On any page in the game that you visit, there will be an option on the menu to add the page in its currently displayed form to your favourites list.

Click it and it will take you to a page where you can decide what to call the short cut.

For example, say you are tracking a target using the target tracker. First you need to find that target in the tracker, then click the agree to pay to find them button, and the page with their currently tracked coords is displayed. If you now click on Add this Page and enter a shortcut, it will save the url so that all you need to do to track them again in the future is to click your new favourite link for that target. It will still charge 2500 Cr per use though.

Bug reports to the usual place. Its easier to find in the new menu now, bugs forum :)



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