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2009-10-21 - AoA v2.0 released

Hello there,

Well, you've probably noticed that the site has changed its look somewhat over the last few minutes. It was probably long overdue a make-over, having been largely unchanged since I started playing 4-5 years ago.

Ok so whats new. Well there are numerous small and not so small changes to be found around the place. I've been working on this over the last six months or so, so I've lost track of most of the improvements made, so I won't list them all here. The most obvious changes will be in the look and feel of the site. For suggestions listed as being "in the next release", well this is the next release so you will find those here.

Ok so there are something like 60 or so skins available for the site now so if you don't like this new neon one, find one that you prefer. They are accessible through the options page (in the middle at the bottom of the page). If you want to preview the styles or just an easier way to select them, visit the theme gallery which is also linked from the same page on the Options screen and click on the picture of the design you want to preview.

Included in the set of themes are two which have no graphics, called Lite black and Lite white, which should be ideal for phones and other mobile devices, or just for those who don't want all the flashy new images and just want a simple text-based interface. These are intended to replace the pr-lite interface to the game, so I/we don't have to maintain two completely separate codebases...

What else?, well included in the theme gallery page is an option to change the left menu style from a full list (like the old menu) to a more compact cascading style menu. Use the links at the top of the theme gallery to switch between the two options, to decide which you prefer. I would recomend leaving it as the default old style menu if you use a screen reader.

As a consequence of the new styles, every single page of the game has been rewritten to be standards compliant amongst other things, and for us easier to maintain and improve going forward.

Anyway, despite extensive testing (thanks to Sc00by for his very thorough job over the last few weeks and to KingIan Luke135 and Nobby for last minute sanity checks) , there might still be minor bugs to be found, so if you do find anything, please post in the bugs forum and I'll track it down asap.

Hopefully there shouldn't any but to be on the safe side. if you do discover a bug that prevents you doing something in the new code, the old site is still using the old codebase so should still work fine while I find and fix the bug you have found.

regards, and hope you enjoy the new look and new features.


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