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Game Announcements

2006-07-11 - A big thanks...

... to all the players for making it a pleasure to resurrect the game. There's been only 2 instances of cheating, both of which were quickly dealt with, and strangley no complaints from the removed parties.

The coummunity is even more helpful than ever before, and it seems that nearly everyone is willing to get involved and help out however they can. I've had so many mails of thanks for bringing the game back, and so many mails offering help and support that it brings a tear of joy to my eye to have such a gret community in the game.

And a final thanks to those players that have donated money to keep AoA going. While I don't tout the donate link in game, just in the portal, and I'll never drop the game because of lack of donations, it's really appreciated when financial contributions are made.

So here's to a few more eyars of AoA :)


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