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2009-08-12 - Resurrection!

I've been trying to rebuild AoA in such as way as to make it more user friendly, with real-time action, and more user controlled aspects. However after spending the last few months messing about with various languages and web frameworks, mocking up pages and knocking them down again, I've come to the conclusion that the re-write that I had planned will not be done any time soon. So in to keep me motivated, and to hopefully spin some enthusiasm from players (once more!) I've decided to put the old version of the game back up. Now, as you know I've not been involved with the last several months of it's development, that was all down to tiggr (sterling effort btw!) so any thanks should really go to him, as he's been working very hard on the new features that have gone in.
So, my new plan is to have the game running as is for the foreseeable future, and build a new one along side it. That way I can get the players input and anyone that wants to be involved in testing it can set themselves up an account and start playing around.
That's all from me for now. Not sure how many players we'll get back but hopefully someone will put the word out :)

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