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Game Announcements

2008-04-20 - Changes to facility production

In order to massively speed things up and to fix a few outstanding facility production bugs, Graphil has performed his coding magic on the script and this has introduced a number of changes to how facilities produce items and how they tell you of any problems.

All facility production messages have now been combined into a single journal entry under a new section type of "facility".

Every tick update a single entry will appear in your journal detailing all facility production messages from your facility empire.

There are 5 possible messages:
Not enough resources - this means you didn't have enough of some of the required items to make any products.
No space available - No space remains in your facility
1 item costing xxx Cr, but did not have enough of each item to produce its maximum - some produced but not maximum
Empty Safe - no credits remain in the safe
20.00 items costing xxx Cr - successfully made maximum amount of item, and it cost you xxx Cr.

Note that if your facility has no workers employed, it wont appear in the facility summary, as there is no one there to send the update to you.

The journal message can be switched off using the facility checkbox on the options page.

Another improvement to the code means that facilities will now continue to produce products for those items that need more than 1 container of total resources without running out of space.

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