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Game Announcements

2008-03-17 - Hide my alts

As there has been a small increase in accidental trading with Alts, we've implemented a change to the facilities trading pages such that you can opt to hide all facilities belonging to accounts with the same recorded email address.

As of now, by default on the various facilities pages, the game will hide all accounts that belong to the same registered email address, by inference the same real world person.

To make the game hide your alts from you, you will need to set them all to the same email address in the options section. Also on the options page you can opt to show your alts on the facilities pages, tick the box under the misc section: show my alts on facilities. By default it is set to hide your alts so if the email addresses are already the same you will need to do nothing to hide your alts.

Be warned though, that we will be less forgiving to those who do trade with their alts (which is against the game rules btw). From now on as you have to deliberately show them to trade with them, we will assume you did it deliberately and will take appropriate action. How we internally monitor the trading is unaffected by these changes so we will still know ;)

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