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Game Announcements

2008-02-17 - Restricted Planets

Well hello there,

time for a new feature!.

Restricted Planets. These are restricted access worlds, of which there are currently 3 known. See FAQ or Encyclopaedia Planetary for their details.

They are much like any other world, in that you can setup facilities etc. once you get there and they will have some of the more recognisable existing items present, but perhaps not all of them!.

Why called Restricted?. Well you can't just plug in the coords into your navcomps and hop on over to one of them.

Access is strictly controlled. You will need to perform some tasks or attain certain positions within the game before you are granted access. I'm not going to say what though >:)

There might be one or two unexpected surprises awaiting those granted access. But again I'm not going to let on what 'cos I'm feeling mischievous!.

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