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Game Announcements

2007-12-19 - Special Missions!

To add a bit of interest, there are a number of Special Missions that have just been made available at all planets.

These missions can be taken by multiple players at the same time, and have significantly more value (and possibly penalties) than traditional missions. It should be noted that irrespective of how many people sign up, only one person can successfully complete each mission, and only they will receive the rewards/penalties for doing so.

Important note: In order to receive the stated reward, you will need to register for the mission in question. This is done in exactly the same manner as a normal mission, ie navigate to the special missions page, select a mission and accept it.

The mymissions page will allow you to see which missions you have signed up for. You cannot change your mind after registering for a mission, although if someone else completes it before you, there are currently no penalties applied to your score as a consequence.

The first of these special missions are Xmas related assassinations!. High rewards, but is there a large penalty for completing them?. You'll have to find out >:)

You can use the target tracker to locate the targets for the normal fees. A word of warning however. These special targets can use stargates and hyperspace and therefore they will travel between systems. They will stay in the same system for a certain time before moving on to another system to give you a chance of catching them up. They will not dock with planets though they will move about the systems as if they are heading for certain planets as destinations.

They may also be heavily armed or armored!. Destroying them may also have unexpected consequences...

Other types of special missions will be released at later dates. The rewards may also be non-monetary in nature, so keep your eyes open.

Happy hunting!.

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