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2007-12-09 - System MW boards

hello there,

System specific Most Wanted boards have now been released.

Each solar system will now maintain a top 10 MW board for its system, and will display the top 10 criminals in that system.

The Galaxy's most wanted board is only updated twice an hour, as do the local boards. This is to reflect transmission times between the different systems.

Bounty Hunters will still be rewarded for shooting down the Galaxy-wide top 10 MW, and will receive the total bounty recorded in the Galaxy top 10.

To maintain the current top10 MW, existing legal status and bounties have been transferred into the new system and assigned to a hidden system. This historical bounty will decrease at the current rate until it is all gone.

Each individual discovered system will start with nobody on the local MW board, as no one has committed a crime there yet!. All future crimes such as smuggling and assassinations will be recorded in the local systems, but added to the galaxy MW every hour.

Quite a few changes have been made to the combat code to accommodate this so please report bugs etc in the normal place.



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