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Game Announcements

2007-08-11 - Factory and Farm changes

Extensive changes to factory and farm production have been made possible due to newly developed technology. The main change is that all factory and farm items can now be produced at profitable rates.

A complete overhaul of the factory and farm production cycles have now been implemented. Effective immediately in all existing and future factories and farms, these new technologies have made more efficient the production of several key items within the game.

The following items are therefore now reduced in price across all markets to reflect these improvements : alcohol, animal skins, medicines, particle accelerators, salt, spy satellites and weapons. A couple of items are now more expensive: oxygen and liquid oxygen.

The following new items can now be produced in factories: Explosive detonators, Gem stones, Luxury goods, Medicines, Mining equipment and Weapons

The following new items can now be produced in farms: animal meat, hops,plants&shrubs, fertilizer, grain, barley and sugar.

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