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Game Announcements

2007-08-10 - Theres no gold in them thar' hills - Mining Changes

The Terran Geological Society today announced that all known reserves of Gem stones and pure Precious Metal deposits have been completely depleted on all known planets in the Galaxy.

'Despite repeated exploration and extensive deep space surveys, no reserves of Gems or Precious metals have been found for the last 20 years, and unfortunately our ever increasing demand for these items have meant that every known deposit has now been completely mined and excavated' said spokesman Graham Pursey.

'On a more positive note, we have discovered vast fields of Uncut gemstones on Tau Boo and Eridani' he continued. 'These have now been added to the database of mine-able items, and are available for immediate exploitation by intrepid miners'

It should be noted that demand for Gems and Precious metals within known space will remain strong for the foreseeable future, so expect some developments as Factory owners begin to refine more precious metals and produce gems from uncut gemstones.

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