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2007-02-01 - This is the game you're looking for /waves hand in a mystical jedi-like way ;)


I'm still around. And I've been monitoring the server, just not the game. I've had a lot of things going on, not least of which is that I was had an operation on my elbow the week before xmas, so wasn't able to properly use a keyboard for a bit (I hate typing one handed, even if it is my right hand, it's just not natural! :) )
I've also been working slowly through a new site, non-game related, which still needs a lot of design work, but the back end is coming a long nicely.

Anyway, I'm (mostly) back now. So hopefully I'll get some updates or bug fixes done soon. I just need to catch up on the message boards as the last time I logged in was back in mid-november.

As for the site going down, that was a temporary glitch due to a software upgrade that ran overnight and I didn't realise until later the next day, or possibly the day after, I'm not sure now.

I've no intention of letting the site go down. If I'm not on, just assume it's going to run and run, until either my hosting company pull the plug, or armageddon occurs, which ever is the soonest ;)

As for pulling the plug though, my hosting company have advised me that some time soon they'll be changing a power bar in the rack where we're hosted so the box will be down for a while. I'm not sure when this is going to be, but I've been advised that I'll have adequate notice, so I'll pass that notice on to you as soon as I hear myself.

Thanks to all the players that have stuck around to play. It just goes to show you don't really need me here (or any more features perhaps?! ;) ) The player base has stayed happily around 250 for the past few months, which from my point of view is very satisfying, although more players are always welcome of course :)

Which brings me to one of my reasons for coming back. Other than to just be back and start playing AoA again and making it better, I want to promote AoA until we've got som many players we don't know what to do with them.

I started playing a browser game call Fallen Sword a few days ago. It's very simple, RPGish, move, attack rats and other creatures, gain xp, level up. Also got a PvP element, where you gain or lsoe ranking for attacking other players. The thing is this game has only been around for a few months, yet it has 150,000+ players already. Ok taking into account multi's let's say it's half that, even 75,000 players is very impressive in that time. I know we can do better than we are, and that's down to me.

Anyway, that's all I want to say at the moment, I'm back with some new ideas and a renewed enthusiasm for AoA.


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