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2022-05-30 - Facility over-production bug fix

recently I discovered that there was a bug in the facility production code that sometimes caused facilities to carry on producing products even when they had exceeded their purchase storage space.

I have fixed this issue (I hope), and have adjusted the affected facilities by selling the extra cargo, crediting the facility safe with the value of the goods sold at the defined sale price set in that facility. In most cases I was able to fix this issue by selling the Product your facility was making.

If you were affected by this bug you will have received an in-game message for each facility affected detailing what item was sold and how many credits were added to that facility's safe.

There were something like 95 facilities affected across multiple users with over 5,000,000 units of 'extra' stored cargo with a value over 1,000,000,000 Cr.

There are a couple of noticeable consequences:
1) If you were affected your score may have gone down, as Credits in a facility safe have a slightly lower factor in the score calculation compared to the cargo 'value' itself
2) Your facility will start producing products properly again including stopping when full, so the gains you were getting might be slightly lower than before
3) Some manufactured goods will be a bit rarer in the galaxy until the various facility's stock is regenerated over the coming days. However this should also introduce some opportunities for new facilities to cover the shortfall


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