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Game Announcements

2019-02-25 - Bounty Hunter Ranks

New Bounty Hunter ranks have been created to allow combat veterans pursuing legal bounty hunter combat missions to track their progress and rise up the ranks to strive to become the best bounty hunter.

These ranks run in parallel with the criminal Assassin ranks and have the same requirements per level.

If a player has a clean legal status they will gain bounty hunter rank, and if they “convert” to a criminal career, the rankings will switch to the assassin rank, and vice verse without loss of achieved rank.

A full display of all rank badges attainable for Navy, Ashen Alliance, Bounty Hunter and Assassin ranks can be found in the relevant FAQ section of the help menu.

(Top scores on the Portal site will not reflect the new rank names yet because I forgot to copy the code across earlier, I’ll do that tomorrow evening)

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