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2018-06-14 - World Cup Events Kick Off Now


Two World Cup Events kick-off today

First off there is a combat focused event. For the duration of the football World Cup in Russia, in addition to the normal penalties, when you shoot down a ship you will also be awarded a yellow or a red card. At the end of the tournament, the player with the highest point score will receive a unique ship, the SS Jules Rimet (ship specs will be tweaked), as the prize for being the most attacking player of the tournament. Points will be awarded as 2 points per yellow card and 10 points per red card.

The following kills will award the listed number of cards for a kill.

1 Yellow cards Destroy an NPC in a small ship (cargo capacity 500 units)
3 Yellow cards Destroy a small Police ship or Military fighter (Police Type 1,2 or 3 and Heavy Fighter)
1 Red cards Destroy a Player Ship (of any size)
2 Red cards Destroy a large Police ship (Police Type 4 or 5)
5 Red cards Destroy a large Military Ship (Corvette or Escort Cruiser)
5 Red cards Destroy a large Ashen Ship (Ashen Corvette or Ashen Cruiser)
10 Red cards Destroy an Ashen Elite Ship (NPC flying The Slayer)
50 Red cards Destroy an Alien Ship (If you can find one)

For the peaceful traders out there (or ruthless killers with free time). The march to the final of the football world cup in Moscow has begun. The organisers need to stock up on replica world cup trophies for all the fans to buy. This is where you come in. The Pilot who accumulates the most replica world cup trophies before the end of world cup tournament will win the top prize, which will be a the Bulk Hauler MK3. You can stash the trophies in a warehouse, any type of facility storage or in your ships cargo hold. They all count towards the total you have. I've subtracted the trophies that were already in circulation from the leader-boards

How to get trophies?: Well you will be able to buy them on some markets, some of the NPC ships flying around have them in their cargo holds which you could scoop up. Perhaps the best way though would be to make them yourself. To do this you can now buy a new Silversmith facility and make the trophies.

Find leader-boards for both events under the Ranks menu item

good luck and have fun


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