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2017-08-13 - Main Game Site Updated


the second part of the modernisation of the AoA site has just been deployed

Main changes are relocating the menu to the top to be a drop down menu, and the rest of the site being upgraded to cope better on mobile/cell phones/tablets etc. If you are on a desktop, the only difference you should see is the menus. On mobile devices you will find layouts optimised to a smaller screen format.

The main things you will notice are the changes to the order of the menus. I've tried to co-locate related items wherever possible, so things that you can do from your ship (travel, scanner, look at maps etc.) are under Ship. Personal things (messages, options, facilities, current missions etc.) are under Personal. You can set personal game shortcuts on using the My AoA menu. Things you can do on planets (pick up missions, trading, bank, shipyards etc.) are on the Planet menu. The various forums and the Portal are under Forums. Help files (FAQ's, help, all kinds of useful things) under Help. All your scoring ranks, most wanted boards etc. are under Ranks.

I've updated the FAQ to include previews of the Ashen and Assassin rank images. Oh, and Portal and Game now share the same login, so no need to log in to each separately any more.

There are lots of other minor tweaks and changes. However everything you could do before the change is still possible today. The only things that will have changed are where something can be found on the menus, so keep looking if you can't find something.

I've tested as much as possible on recent iOS and Android devices and everything works ok for me. Things might be a little cramped on older smart phones in portrait mode, so try rotating them into landscape mode to make them a bit wider / easier to read etc.

let me know of any issues in the Bugs portal as normal or suggested improvements as well


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