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Game Announcements

2012-07-26 - Planetary engineering

Hi there,

I was looking at all the planet pictures the other week and thought they looked a bit, well, flat and not that planet-like in some places. So I hired a fleet of heavy engineering contractors and we've performed some large-scale geographic and geological restructuring of the various planets and installed some new hi-resolution optical scanners into the deep space telescopes.

We also found some old charts down the back of the sofa and have found a new star in Alpha Centauri. The lens on the old telescope had a space weevil nest completely obscuring it!. The old charts also had some characterisation data on the stars that have allowed the encyclopaedia planetary to be updated with more accurate names and data.

The results are quite improved I think, and can be seen on the main homepage when docked (and not using the lite-themes obviously), and also on the system and planet pages in the help section. If you want a close up, click on the planet image to get a bigger picture (help pages only).

The ships and ship parts pages under help also now allow you to zoom in to get a close-up picture of the ships. The escape pod on all the ships is the same absolute size, and can be used to estimate the relative sizes of the various vessels.



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