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2012-06-11 - iPad and mobile friendly site themes

I've just activated a couple of new themes available on the Theme Gallery page under options.

The themes are both cut down versions of the normal site, where the menu has been changed to make it easier to use with touch devices like phones and tablets.

On the mobile version, the menu has been removed and placed at the bottom of the page with bigger boxes, and less options. I've removed some of the links that are perhaps used less frequently on the move, but I've retained all the planet features and the scanner for when you are in space. All links to different pages are now IN CAPITALS to make them stand out more. Note that all of the pages removed are still present and fully working, they are just hidden on the menu. Use the My AoA section to set personal links to AoA features that you use frequently as I've moved that section to the top of the menu. I don't have a modern phone so haven't tested this theme on a small screen so if there are any improvements you'd like made based on your experiences let me know either in via message or on one of the game forums (bugs is probably best place).

There is also a tablet friendly theme (I've only tested it on iPad as thats what I've got, but it should work on any tablet). Again the menu has been moved and is now a drop down style menu across the screen between the headers and the main pages, and the main pages are now full screen width and larger text which should be easier to use. The menu is a bit quirky which I'll try to improve, but for now, you need to tap it once to select the menu heading and then again to open the menu item itself. If the menu item ends with a + it means that there is a sub menu, so tap on that line and another menu will open with the further options. All menu text is either a link to a page or a sub menu as described.

Hopefully that will give you a better experience on a mobile or tablet, but feel free to suggest other improvements. Also all the current site themes will still be available so if you don't or can't use these new ones, the older ones will still be there.



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