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Game Announcements

2012-02-28 - We're Back! + New Features

Hello there,

I've had to rebuild a new server following some hardware issues which took a bit longer than anticipated.

We are back now on all new hardware!

We've updated some bits of the game to.

Combat had been reviewed and refreshed. The distance you are from the target ship now affects how much damage you do and whether you hit, so you'll have to get a bit more close and personal when in combat. This applies to the AI ships as well. Ships you shoot at but miss might now return fire. Think of it as them noticing the huge laser beam whizzing past their ship.

Smuggling missions and assassination missions are now issued on separate pages. You can only access the assassination missions if you have a criminal record already, so if you can't see any, you will need to get caught smuggling first and then you should find them.

Cargo Scanner. For a long time if you found cargo floating in space you had no idea what it was until you scooped it. Now you can buy a cargo scanner (only available from shipyards on BMW, Refuge and Navy HQ). Then you can see what cargo is before you scoop. This will eventually allow you to scan ships for cargo, but the technology has not been perfected yet.

Mining overhaul. Mining has been a bit hit and miss in the past. Which planets allowed you to mine and when was often unpredictable and unprofitable. Well that's all changed now. You need to click on the Licenses page on the menu to find the new mining licenses. You now buy a license that is valid for an entire system, and you can mine whenever you want before the license expires (1 month). Or you can buy a galaxy wide license and mine anywhere, any time. What you can mine is unchanged.

Bounty Hunting. Long available for only the fine upstanding citizens with a clean legal status, this has now been changed. If you have no legal status in a system (ie you are clean) you can legally bounty hunt in that system. Or if you are clean you can get a galaxy-wide license. So onto the money!. You have just shot down a Most wanted, what do you get ?. If you have only the local system's license you get the bounty from that system only. If you also have a valid galaxy-wide license you also receive the targets' Galaxy-wide bounty.

Both of these license types are now on the licenses menu option (moved from top10 MW which is where the BH licenses used to be bought), where you will get a table listing your current licenses and the ability to buy new ones, if you are in the correct system.

Forums can now also be accessed from within the main game, via the menu links at the bottom, as well as via the portal pages.

There are a few other minor tweaks that I can't remember.

So if you find a bug or something doesn't work as it should, please let us know via the bugs forum.

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