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Welcome to the Ashes of Angels Portal

"From the ashes of Angels, we shall rise again..."
The Angel Prophecies, 20:14

The year is 2184. Mankind has taken to the stars. Not for survival. Nor out of need. Simply because we could. We colonized other planets, through trial and error. We made unbreathable worlds into inhabitable places, where we could thrive, and live comfortably. Then came disaster...[click for more]

Welcome to Ashes of Angels, a space trading and combat game of epic proportions. So, i'm sure you're asking what it's all about? For a quick summary please read the short history above. "Now, what do I do?", you ask. Well Ashes of Angels (or AoA as it's commonly referred to around here) is all about survival. You've inherited a small space craft, and very small sum of money. And you need to keep yourself alive. The best way to do that is to trade and complete missions for various galactic agencies. But first off, go and register for the game by clicking the "Register" link near the top right of the screen. Go on, I'll wait...

Ok, so you've registered, you've recieved your confirmation link (you did put a valid email address in didn't you?) and you've logged in to the game. Now what. Ok well the best thing to do is just look around, follow the links, and try to familiarise yourself with the layout of the page. Everything should have a fairly obvious label for what it does, and if it doesn't try and read the FAQ or the help section (linked from the lower part of the left hand navigation bar, that's the bit with all the links in it). So, again, we ask now what. Ok, first off don't be trying to sell your ship and buy a better one, you won't have enought credits (the local currency) and you'll end up needing an account reset, which won't take long, but might cause a small amount of embarassment ;)

So first thing to do is to try the Missions screen (again, linked from the left hand nav bar). Use the filters to find only those missions that are in your solar system (and if you picked a solar system other than Sol to start with, then good luck!). If there are any missions available to you in your solar system then check out what time they need delivering by. Then go to the Travel screen and work out how long it will take you to get to the target planet. It's often useful to have the Travel screen open in a new window so that you can flick back and to, to save you time.

Ok, so, find out if you can do complete any missions on time. If you can, take the most lucrative and set your travel destination to the required planet. If you can't complete any missions on time, then have a look through the Encyclopaedia Planetary. This lists all the known solar systems and their planets. Now find out what items the planet you're currently on sells, and use the Stock Search link to see where else will buy them, and what profit you can make. Trade!

These are the 2 basic ways of making money in AoA. For more money making schemes have a good read of the FAQ and all the help files we've got. Also feel free to post any relevant questions into the in game Message board. We're all friendly and happy to help and offer advice and tips, and maybe the odd credit or two if you're really stuck.

So that's about it, go play, enjoy, have fun, and tell us what you think needs adding, or improving, or even just say "hi!"

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Subject:  Minor balance changes to Facility costs

Date:  2022-06-26

I've made some minor balance changes to the costs associated with buying and storage space costs for player owned facilities, and normalised the costs in each individual system The main noticeable change will be that mining outpost will be cheaper to buy going forwards, and buying additional storage space in farms and outposts will also be cheaper to expand.

There will be a knock-on slight reduction in player score associated with the facility value for each changed type as its partially based on facility cost/space cost, but this won't be particularly big so you may not even notice it after a few hours. Based on my facility empire this could be about ~2,000 points per affected facility, so not much.


Subject:  Facility over-production bug fix

Date:  2022-05-30 22:06:14

recently I discovered that there was a bug in the facility production code that sometimes caused facilities to carry on producing products even when they had exceeded their purchase storage space.

I have fixed this issue (I hope), and have adjusted the affected facilities by selling the extra cargo, crediting the facility safe with the value of the goods sold at the defined sale price set in that facility. In most cases I was able to fix this issue by selling the Product your facility was making.

If you were affected by this bug you will have received an in-game message for each facility affected detailing what item was sold and how many credits were added to that facility's safe.

There were something like 95 facilities affected across multiple users with over 5,000,000 units of 'extra' stored cargo with a value over 1,000,000,000 Cr.

There are a couple of noticeable consequences:
1) If you were affected your score may have gone down, as Credits in a facility safe have a slightly lower factor in the score calculation compared to the cargo 'value' itself
2) Your facility will start producing products properly again including stopping when full, so the gains you were getting might be slightly lower than before
3) Some manufactured goods will be a bit rarer in the galaxy until the various facility's stock is regenerated over the coming days. However this should also introduce some opportunities for new facilities to cover the shortfall